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The images of the past tend to lose their meaning, through repetition, of being seen and reviewed. It’s like when you receive a bouquet of roses. the first time, you are enchanted. But if you receive some every day, you no longer react, you just say “put them there. “You do not take care of them. The work of a artist is to breathe new life into the images. I’m like Dr. Frankenstein, I gives back life to lifeless images. I started this work last year. I had already been an appropriation of photographs, the approach is the same for painting. What I want is to slow the viewer, that he takes time to look, instead of jumping to conclusions. I like to create in him a confusion. The role of an artist is to make the viewer clever. And for that, you have to play around with him.

John Baldessari, 2012 (via collectheworld)

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Installation in public space. Na Hradě, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 22. 3. 2012


Installation in public space. Na Hradě, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 22. 3. 2012



Some time last week, I was – as I usually do these days – browsing the net. My excuse is that I seek highly intellectual contents only. Well, during this activity I could not help myself but started curiously exploring the page of tiny publishing house tltr preß. You can see yourself on tltr.biz that this is highly intellectual demanding and aesthetically unusually pleasing activity. In its hypertext there was a link on You Tube video of spinning poodle. (On tltr page, you can hardly see for poodles.) Well, I click on it. Well, I watched it. It was about a poodle that was spinning. A spinning poodle.

That was nice and made me smile. I stand up, left my computer and headed to the bathroom (not because I was laughing so heavily that I – anyway you got the idea – but it just happened that now was the time to visit a bathroom. Everybody has to do it few times a day, don’t they? Well, I headed to the bathroom NOW. You had to pass the living room to get to the bathroom in the apartment I recently moved in.  And when I found myself passing through the living room, an object caught my eye – little white furry object curled up in the corner.

I suddenly remembered that there is this thing living with us in this apartment, a thing belonging to my roommate, thing, that is always curled somewhere or behind something or under something or on top on something or between something, laying curled on various bizarre places all day, barely moving. I suddenly realized that this object that seemed almost inanimate is a dog. Anyway, it is probably not a poodle, but since I got no experience with poodles it looks quite poodlish to me.

When I was returning from the bathroom (yeeeah, a good piss) the thing was still lying there in unchanged position. If I wouldn’t disturb it, it would be definitely lying there like that for another several hours (or maybe days or months). So I get the idea to grab my phone with integrated lousy camera and make a video-reply to The Spinning Poodle – it would be quite nice. The thing would be lying there, curled in the corner and unmoved since I’ll be shouting at it Spin spin, good girl, good dog, good poodle. I expected total lethargy from it. (The dog is like thousand years old or something and never did a single thing where asked, not even Come here or Gimme hand would wake him up from this lethargy.)


So I turned the camera on and said those magic worlds I’ve heard in the YouTube video. And it came to me. And it started to spin! This is probably the place to highlight that this story is taking place in the middle of Europe and the dog hasn’t heard an English word in his life and nothing sounds like “Spin” in Czech that could possibly make the dog do anything like spinning.)

I said it and I said it again and it did it and it did it again. As soon as I turned my camera off, it went back to the corner and curled up into its previous position where it laid without moving for several hours (or possibly days). It never did this action again since that. And obviously it did never this action ever before. And I really doubt it will ever do this again.

Must have been the magic of the camera, the longing to be looked at and watched on the internet. Spin!

TIGER machines


This is so perfect it should be exhibited in the gallery space! Tigers, machines of extra class!

pursuit of happiness


Please don’t bully those who live in cyberspace. They could be good people too. IP is completely normal address like yours, they are not hobos.


život má dnes párty

a ty sereš směrem na mě

girlandy a krajky